A bridge of memories


I was among throngs of pedestrians eager to cross the iconic Brooklyn Bridge on a cool day of May. I wish I had the unbridled excitement of a regular tourist; but my sore feet were not as celebratory. In fact, my limbs were in protest that day, manifesting in all shades of aches and soreness. But of course, the heart could not be denied the joy that came with the experience of getting to cross the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

It truly helped that I was in the company of a friend whom I had not seen for more than 20 years. The pleasant exchanges of reminiscences were more potent than a pill of Tylenol to dull pains and aches.

So, as we chatted my eyes were surveying the length of the way to the other side. From the city hall section, we passed by peddlers of mementoes with their folding tables full of merchandise.

There were cyclists, fitness enthuasiasts, local residents, tourists, men in suits, lovers, people from all social backgrounds. Of course, the sight of influencers would not escape me. They were conspicuous with their video cameras in tow and tripods to boot.

I was staring at one of these social media practitioners as I walked along. I was impressed at how she has mastered the art of the pose, the smile, the calculated angles to head movements, voice modulation, and of course, the regurgitated monologue for her opening credits to her youtube vlog.

Moving on, I walked past another interesting personality. He carried one of those heavy DSLR cameras and tripod. Instead of aiming the camera at himself, he pointed it at the cityscape before him. He was trying to capture images of the city and the bridge.

And of course, there were the groups of foreigners who were attempting to jump for the camera with the bridge in the background or those who were reenacting their previous shots.

Oh well, to each his own. After I had reached the middle part where a plaque narrates the story of the bridge’s 14-year construction and eventual opening to the public in 1883, it was time to head back.

I was extremely pleased to see my friend from Canada and her family. We bade goodbye and promised to reunite with our other friends when we become golden girls. Hmmm that’s a few years to go dahlings!

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