Kungpao noodles at Red Lobster

Let’s skedaddle for Red Lobster noodle


Aside from rice, the next staple food of Asians like myself are noodles. Depending on the region we are from, noodle is prepared in a manifold ways and cooked with a host of herbs and spices.

In China alone there are eight major cuisines and each one boasts of a thousand and one ways to prepare noodles.

Growing up in the Philippines, noodles are on every Filipino table on most occasions. Absent rice and traditional Filipino dishes, we often look for a savory noodle like pancit bihon, canton, lomi, guisado, miki, etcetera. Wherever I go, if I couldn’t or didn’t want to cook rice, I certainly look for noodles.

Well, today, I happened to crave for noodles and I ended up dining at Red Lobster. To tell you frankly, I rarely eat out especially since we are all still in pandemic mode. We are close to using up all the letters of the Greek alphabet to name the covid-19 variants that have emerged and the war against the pandemic has not been decisively won.

Anyway, back to Red Lobster. I fell in love with Red Lobster ever since I sampled their mussels in wine sauce. That dish is divine. I will be sharing with you my own recipe imitating this delectable appetizer in separate post.

At the same time I had mussels, I had kungpao chicken noodles for my main dish. The marriage of both sweet and spicy is truly heavenly. It is just the right sweetness with traces of garlic and ginger. Satisfied with the taste, I was equally pleased with the serving size.

It is truly money well spent at Red Lobster. I encourage those who haven’t been there to consider trying their noodles and their mussels. They are both to die for!

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