Red Lobster's mussels

Mussels in wine and butter sauce

2 years ago
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We set off for Niagara Falls on a crisp autumn day, the air tinged with the promise of fall foliage. Along the journey, our stomachs began to grumble, and we found ourselves pulling into a Red Lobster.

Despite my initial reservations about dining out amidst the lingering pandemic, I couldn’t resist the call of hunger. Anxiety prickled as I contemplated the risks of unmasked interactions with strangers, unaware of their vaccination status or daily routines.

However, necessity overcame fear, and we found ourselves seated by a window, perusing the menu. Opting for mussels in a decadent wine and butter sauce to start, followed by a sumptuous salmon dish, I dove into the meal.

The first taste of the mussels transported me, each shell yielding succulent delights as I savored every morsel. It was a culinary dream come true.

Returning from Buffalo, we revisited Red Lobster, where I indulged in chicken alfredo and, of course, those irresistible mussels.

Upon arriving home, inspired by the flavors of my newfound favorite dish, I embarked on replicating the recipe. With a bag of mussels from Whole Foods and a medley of garlic, onion, and tomatoes, I recreated the magic in my kitchen. Sautéing the aromatics in butter, adding the mussels, and a splash of pinot grigio, the dish came together with a dash of Sichuan pepper and parsley.

Channeling the spirit of Julia Child, I declared, “Bon appétit!” and relished in the fruits of my labor, knowing I had unlocked a culinary delight to be savored time and again.

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