Travelling by plane

Traveling by plane is a sport

2 years ago
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Faster. Higher. Stronger. These guiding principles, emblematic of the Olympic spirit, find a new application among the bustling crowds of airport commuters striving to catch their flights.

In the days leading up to Labor Day, throngs of travelers found themselves engaged in a race against time, navigating through the labyrinthine terminals amidst ever-changing flight schedules exacerbated by adverse weather conditions and a dearth of airport personnel.

Speed is of the essence. Maneuvering swiftly to reach the designated gate, burdened by cumbersome luggage, demands not only haste but also strength.

And there’s the challenge of elevation. Ascending to the skies requires overcoming various hurdles firmly grounded in reality.

Consider a recent experience at Newark International Airport in New Jersey. Arriving two and a half hours prior to boarding, I embarked on a journey through terminals and tracks, ultimately reaching the inner sanctum of the airport.

However, despite my efforts, fate had other plans. Flight delays and ultimately cancellations marred my travel plans, leaving me stranded amidst a sea of disgruntled passengers.

The lack of alternatives or compensation from the airline only added insult to injury. The ordeal left me pondering the merits of alternative modes of travel, where the pace is more leisurely and the journey less fraught with uncertainty.

Indeed, flying is not for the faint of heart. Yet amidst the chaos and frustration, there lies a valuable lesson: sometimes, the journey itself is as important as the destination. And perhaps, a slower, more deliberate path holds its own allure, offering respite from the relentless race against time.

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